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once upon a time, the five most dreamy dudes (no homo) ct had to offer decided to form a villainous super group, or so assumed, a “band”. not just any band, but one that would build on the anarchistic laws … Continue reading

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despite my stance on screamo being a dead genre, the faint heartbeat of a kokiri warrior can still be heard through the chest of THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW – a one dude (i think), zelda themed screamo act. … Continue reading

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the iniquitous re-release of “PESSIMISTE(S)” is finally here! it was supposed to be here last autumn, but that doesn’t matter anymore! so long as the void of misanthropy is replenished within, and you can bet every last cursed gold coin … Continue reading

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i’m not quite sure i understand the process someone went through in an attempt to describe band BEAU NAVIRE‘s screamo formula as “MY BLOODY VALENTINE hardcore”? pardon me, goofball? did you chug too much expired jones soda and now yr … Continue reading

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skramorning skramigos. sometimes it is necessary to revisit the past. to reflect on what makes the present suck so much, and the future to look so bleak. . .because you won’t be hearing something so brilliant out of this genre … Continue reading

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