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whimsical entry of tape tantalization! i get that tapes are (or becoming) v popular now-a-days, as it provides a primitively cheap form of distributing music for those who seek it. but often times there are such limited quantities that it … Continue reading

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the iniquitous re-release of “PESSIMISTE(S)” is finally here! it was supposed to be here last autumn, but that doesn’t matter anymore! so long as the void of misanthropy is replenished within, and you can bet every last cursed gold coin … Continue reading

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if i didn’t know any better, i would think this release entitled “KURDAITCHA” by MAMALEEK wasn’t the result of two enigmatic brothers from san francisco, but that of a shaman tribe leader who forcefully raped a gypsy broodmother, subsequently giving … Continue reading

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if there was one quintessential depiction of what “dreamo” sounds like, SLEEPING PEONIES nailed it like a reverse spinning piledriver. although my idea of “dreamo” was imagined quite some time before this band’s first release, it seems our astral consciousness … Continue reading

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