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do. not. skip. this. post. i know i’ve been slacking on the doom tip, so here is a present to all my pests and pals unbeknownst of the catastrophic terror that is MONUMENT OF URNS. each release in this discography … Continue reading

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ascended from psychic intuitive aptitude (or maybe just LSD hallucinations), MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL, the solo act of atemporal mage RACHEL EVANS (swoon), has created a literally mind-blowing brand of atomic ambience and celestial drone to call her own. … Continue reading

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the distinction between christian and satanic music can often times be v confusing, especially when the only thing signifying the difference is apparently the lyrics or symbolism, which can also be just as convoluted. despite this suspicious juxtaposition, the high … Continue reading

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forests have been on our earth since before the thought of civilization, or perhaps even thought for that matter. regardless, if they had a tale to tell, after billions of years of observing our dastardly crimes against mother nature, i … Continue reading

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yeesh, i’m at a loss for words, or perhaps they’ve just been imprisoned in the abysmal nexus. either way, now i know why some music drives ppl to suicide. LIFE IN THE DARK is a descension of the spiritual body … Continue reading

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if i didn’t know any better, i would think this release entitled “KURDAITCHA” by MAMALEEK wasn’t the result of two enigmatic brothers from san francisco, but that of a shaman tribe leader who forcefully raped a gypsy broodmother, subsequently giving … Continue reading

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i woke up one morning to a vimeo preview of the track “DEFLAGATIO” in my email, and after promptly listening to what could easily be mistaken for the agonized murmurs from the fallen angel himself. . .my body began to … Continue reading

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