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forests have been on our earth since before the thought of civilization, or perhaps even thought for that matter. regardless, if they had a tale to tell, after billions of years of observing our dastardly crimes against mother nature, i … Continue reading

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yeesh, i’m at a loss for words, or perhaps they’ve just been imprisoned in the abysmal nexus. either way, now i know why some music drives ppl to suicide. LIFE IN THE DARK is a descension of the spiritual body … Continue reading

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like the square root of 0, my attempts in finding any material by supposed black metal / dreampop group SEAHORSE CHRYSANTHEMII were drawing a blank. 2 last.fm plays in the last 6 months, and hardly any listeners. but my interests … Continue reading

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VIRGIN WITCH – two words in purrfect succession that any grown man should unzip their bonerar.exe to, because who wouldn’t want to pounce & bounce one of those? well, ex PULLING TEETH and SKIN LIKE IRON members have assembled the … Continue reading

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i woke up one morning to a vimeo preview of the track “DEFLAGATIO” in my email, and after promptly listening to what could easily be mistaken for the agonized murmurs from the fallen angel himself. . .my body began to … Continue reading

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