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too kvlt to scrobble, UNKNOWN ARTIST is black metal in its intended form – pure, cold, and grim. under an icy veil of complete anonymity, the only information revealed by the band is this visionary statement taken from a flyer … Continue reading

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whimsical entry of tape tantalization! i get that tapes are (or becoming) v popular now-a-days, as it provides a primitively cheap form of distributing music for those who seek it. but often times there are such limited quantities that it … Continue reading

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somewhere integrated into the brittle fibers of our world and the metaphysical lie tones only transmutable by instruments of esoteric origin. WESTERING, a one-man project, wields this mystical knowledge and uses it to breach through a void of swirling, dark … Continue reading

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recently, it is hard to escape from the dense mist that the wraiths of black metal have been expelling from their mouths agape. garnering a peculiar fan base, it seems the popularity of bands such as DEAFHEAVEN or LITURGY are … Continue reading

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the distinction between christian and satanic music can often times be v confusing, especially when the only thing signifying the difference is apparently the lyrics or symbolism, which can also be just as convoluted. despite this suspicious juxtaposition, the high … Continue reading

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spring’s flowers are finally beginning to blossom all across the east coast, but winter’s chill is still being reflected off a crystalline iceberg of post-rock infused black metal: COLD BODY RADIATION, unimaginably a one-man act, and a purrsonal favorite of … Continue reading

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