despite my stance on screamo being a dead genre, the faint heartbeat of a kokiri warrior can still be heard through the chest of THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW – a one dude (i think), zelda themed screamo act. normally, i tend to stray from newish screamo quests because i alrdy know what to expect. however, THE SKY ABOVE took two of the things i hold closest to my heart and melded them together to form this chaotic, zelda inspired, hypernostlagia screamo, so i couldn’t escape the redead glare. i don’t know why this wasn’t thought of sooner, to be honest? i can’t imagine there’s one person my age who listens to the genre and growing up hadn’t played zelda. plus, link is eternally bound to communicating through telepathy it seems (he actually has never spoken words in a game before), so being that he can only dish out battlecries, he would be quite a legit screamo frontman. anywho, THE SKY ABOVE plays a style of screamo or hardcore v much like CAPSULE or MONARCS. in fact, if you told me this was CAPSULE i probably wouldn’t contest it. but being that this whole EP is about zelda (hyrulian hardcore anyone?), it automatically makes THE SKY ABOVE loads more boss. don’t get me wrong, i love being disproven and finding new, worthwhile screamo acts. that being said, THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW definitely deserves a listen, more so than the incessantly chirping fairy hovering over yr shoulder.

not enough zelda euphemisms, fuck.

the sky above and earth below – quest’s timescape (2010)
location: portland, oregon
hyrulian hardcore / screamo
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 02:30 hours at romani ranch
02 frozen empire
03 all my fellow carpenters are imprisoned
04 these masks will make you happy
05 woodwatcher (demo)

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it is my destiny to live in a transylvanian castle complete w my own vampire bride, bell tower of terror, and secret passageways that all lead into the same organ chamber room. until this vision can be realized (and it will be damn it), living vicariously through the devilish splendor of, seemingly video game influenced, baroque act HARPSICORPSE; an alias of breakcore artist ABELCAIN, will have to suffice. the album “SUITE FOR HARPSICHORD” is an unholy electronic invocation of the harpsichord, my single favorite instrument this side of existence. it is not often the harpsichord is utilized w such finesse as this in modern day music, especially in a way that is reminiscent of 16-bit era video games like GHOULS ‘N GHOSTS or CASTLEVANIA. HARPSICORPSE, from the beginning, sets you off on a familiar adventure w demons lurking in every village, candelabras that spit fire from constantly shifting walls in the haunted manor, and headless housewives that serve as the only town apothecaries (at least they have some sweet cleav action). each track achieves its purpose in this reimagining of a dungeon crawling side-scroller, and will undoubtedly make you wanna break out yr SNES and replay what is left of yr old school video game collection.

nerd confirmed.

harpsicorpse – suite for harpsichord (2005)
location: ?, usa
baroque / electronic
bit rate: 320kbps

01 introduction
02 resurrectio
03 funeralia indeco
04 mortuus screnus serene
05 oriundus sephulchrum
06 harpsicorpse
07 impius phasma phasmatis
08 waltz of the wicked i
09 waltz of the wicked ii
10 nekromateria
11 crysequor cyequor
12 outro

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ascended from psychic intuitive aptitude (or maybe just LSD hallucinations), MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL, the solo act of atemporal mage RACHEL EVANS (swoon), has created a literally mind-blowing brand of atomic ambience and celestial drone to call her own. getting lost in her vast, drug-induced psychedelic dimension of over 12 releases, replete w stellar vocal harmonies layered over twinkling spacial synth nocturnes, is especially effortless. women w this large of a mental aura are extremely dangerous, and are likely escaped from PROJECT MK-ULTRA, so make sure to establish some sort of telekinetic barrier before listening. MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL addresses the distinction between mental and physical phenomena by capturing the aural essence of flow from the conscious, to the subconscious, into the unconscious mind using electronics and minimal pulses that leave you suspended in introspection. MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL’s complete cosmic march is available through bandcamp – most of which are auspiciously on a “name yr price” download basis, so be sure to donate and snag them all while they are up!

“a bad time? there is no such thing as bad, or time for that matter. . .”

motion sickness of time travel – seeping through the veil of the unconscious (2010) + disembodied voices in the darkness (2011)
location: la grange, georgia
ambient / drone / psychedelic
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 clairvoyance
02 telepathy
03 mental projection
04 magnetism
05 auto suggestion
06 the alchemical dream


01 moons through a telescope
02 the same mystical reality
03 visions of bliss and peace
04 meditation as a scientific instrument
05 a drug-induced phenomenon

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somewhere integrated into the brittle fibers of our world and the metaphysical lie tones only transmutable by instruments of esoteric origin. WESTERING, a one-man project, wields this mystical knowledge and uses it to breach through a void of swirling, dark ambience and into a mixture of breathtaking, shoegazing black metal. “HELP A BODY” opens up w “WE BURIED HIM PRECIOUSLY”, a sanctuary of shoegaze that shimmers even in the foreboding presence of WESTERING’s black metal collusion. the contrast of beautiful and bestial continues throughout the extent of the album in transitory ambient passages like “ONLY FOREVER”, “TO LURCH AND FALL”, and “VESTIGES” – into the mesmerically bleak, black metal-tinged tracks like “AND OLD CONFUSION”, “GESTURES IN THE DARK”, and stand-out “WHITE HAIRED”. not dissimilar from a melding of COLD BODY RADIATION & CLAIR CASSIS, i believe fans of either act will appreciate the expansive coalescing of sounds in this rather obscure medium of tenebrific “blackgaze”.

westering – help a body (2010)
location: seattle, washington
ambient / black metal / shoegaze
bit rate: 320kbps

01 we buried him preciously
02 only forever
03 my naked hands
04 to lurch and fall
05 and old confusion
06 i soon will be myself again
07 gestures in the dark
08 vestiges
09 white haired

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being that i am among the unusual spirits of indie today, i decided to pursue the theme, but go w something a bit more spacey. HERE WE GO MAGIC began as a bizarre, psychedelic solo-project from the imaginative mind of singer & songwriter LUKE TEMPLE. sprawled out across his bedroom floor, HERE WE GO MAGIC uses an analog synth and a cassette 4-track to cast this high level, dizzying magic pop music. later adding a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer to expand into a “real band” – HERE WE GO MAGIC then released a full-length entitled “PIGEONS” a year afterward. however, i feel like the band lost something, it’s original sparkle so-to-speak, by inditing new members into the private rituals of HERE WE GO MAGIC. alas, this self-titled debut covers a vast spectrum of dissimilar genres and manages to blend them all through this majestic lo-fi manifestation of hypnotically looping, “stream-of-consciousness” folk tuneage.

minimum intelligence stat of 31 required.

here we go magic – here we go magic (2009)
location: brooklyn, new york
psychedelic indie / folk / noise
bit rate: 320kbps

01 only pieces
02 fangela
03 ahab
04 tunnelvision
05 ghost list
06 i just want to see you under water
07 babyohbabyijustcantstanditanymore
08 nat’s alien
09 everything’s big

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recently, it is hard to escape from the dense mist that the wraiths of black metal have been expelling from their mouths agape. garnering a peculiar fan base, it seems the popularity of bands such as DEAFHEAVEN or LITURGY are sculpting a trendy haircut on the head of the once inaccessibly grim and vindictive genre for the likes of HOT TOPIC to exploit at the expense of misplaced idealism. don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t necessarily mean the music is intolerable or bad. i suppose it’s just boils down to the image, right? fortunately, tiny fragments of obscurity still remain beneath the pale ruins of what was in SLEEPWALKER (yeah, sucks) – featuring a member from FELL VOICES, this supernatural side-project explores the distant nether realms to summon a lucidly upbeat litany of atmospheric black metal. both releases, which have 3 untitled tracks each, are drowning in layers of haunting synth, dim shades of post-rock, and far-off calls from specters lurking in the purgatory fog. i welcome the ghostly SLEEPWALKER from their home in nifelheim to the humble and woodsy mountains of NY, and transfer their other-wordly dread into my devoted legion in hopes it moves you all like possessed marionettes.

sleepwalker – demo (2009) + tour demo (2010)
location: santa cruz, california
atmospheric black metal / post-rock
bit rate: 160kbps

01 untitled
02 untitled
03 untitled


01 untitled
02 untitled
03 untitled

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w the world basically signaling its inevitable collapse, it’s nice to be able to put aside the earthly worries of late. . .to peer inside our own fragile souls (or lack of), reminisce on lovelier memories, and to reflect on our most nostalgic moments. stepping out from this subconscious portal of moral bliss is THE ETERNAL TWILIGHT: a sub-continental internet music act by two friends – one of which is responsible for ABYSSED & NECKTARIUM, w help from instrumental post-metal band MY CATS A STARGAZER (and a few others). it never ceases to intrigue me when an artist(s) has established their sound in one extreme, and then delves into another that you wouldn’t naturally expect, but still find most pleasant. THE ETERNAL TWILIGHT dabs their brushes into a vibrant pond of watercolors and elegantly glides across the mind w light poise, painting a gentle ambience of piano and a tranquil, cinematic soundscape inside the heart. the soft vocals, the ethereal atmospheres, and warming voices of nature surround any hints of paranoia or unrest inside the body and eliminate it for the time being. a temporary garden of serenity that should be shared w everyone, no matter how many dastardly snakes are among the tallgrass.

the eternal twilight – everything resembles you (2011)
location: mumbai, india and rawalpindi, pakistan
ambient / post-rock / soundscape
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 we grow up everyday, every moment…
02 every morning the sun shines after you…
03 the child
04 when we were not what we are…
05 stars of our beloved
06 sky is no more a friend (ft. my cats a stargazer)
07 out of focus, out of sight & suddenly, out of reach (ft. christian erfurt)
08 dim lights and cold himalayan nights
09 nothing like a better yesterday…
10 outro
11 our lives played through a backward tape
12 out of focus, out of sight, & suddenly, out of reach (original version)

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