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too kvlt to scrobble, UNKNOWN ARTIST is black metal in its intended form – pure, cold, and grim. under an icy veil of complete anonymity, the only information revealed by the band is this visionary statement taken from a flyer … Continue reading

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do. not. skip. this. post. i know i’ve been slacking on the doom tip, so here is a present to all my pests and pals unbeknownst of the catastrophic terror that is MONUMENT OF URNS. each release in this discography … Continue reading

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whimsical entry of tape tantalization! i get that tapes are (or becoming) v popular now-a-days, as it provides a primitively cheap form of distributing music for those who seek it. but often times there are such limited quantities that it … Continue reading

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once upon a time, the five most dreamy dudes (no homo) ct had to offer decided to form a villainous super group, or so assumed, a “band”. not just any band, but one that would build on the anarchistic laws … Continue reading

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when yr a sophomore in highschool and hear about the vocalist of PIG DESTROYER and PG.99 members having formed a sludge band together, you might’ve just discovered yr new favorite band – HISSING CHOIR. i found myself constantly scouring the … Continue reading

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so, maybe i lied about not being into too much soundscape, ambient type music. there is one more artist i’ve had the pleasure of being serenaded by over the past couple years w beautiful orchestrated cello and tranquil post-rock ambience … Continue reading

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