too kvlt to scrobble, UNKNOWN ARTIST is black metal in its intended form – pure, cold, and grim. under an icy veil of complete anonymity, the only information revealed by the band is this visionary statement taken from a flyer that was created by their portugese label, LATRINA DO CHIFRUDO, promoting the “UNTITLED” release: “we simply don’t care about protegonism, self reference, identities other shit like that. black metal is a tool for something greater, it is a mere process and not a way for self gratification.” despite the apparent lack of details concerning their origin, a lot can be said about UNKNOWN ARTIST, who casts a frigid amaranthine fog of fuzz and tremelo repetition, enveloping oneself in an old school, infectious black metal haze. elements of punk and death metal coat the impregnably frozen UNKNOWN ARTIST, and the vocals are raspy and sharp enough to carve out yr very own northern log cabin (selfless house wife sold separately). w the highly anticipated premiere of GAME OF THRONES but two nights ago, and simultaneously listening to the winterfallen UNKNOWN ARTIST, no quote seems more fitting. . .

“winter is coming”.

unknown artist – untitled (2010)
location: ?
black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 untitled i
02 untitled ii
03 untitled iii
04 untitled iv
05 untitled v
06 untitled vi

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2 Responses to UNKNOWN ARTIST

  1. sdf says:

    well this is stupid
    a lot of bands have protegonism, but that doesn’t mean that they are only seeking attention or self gratification. for me, doing things like “unknown artist” does is EVEN MORE stupid, do you think you are better than all the bands? the answer is above yourself

  2. empurror says:

    “simply” means that it is no deeper than that. nor do they state that other black metal bands “only” seek attention or self gratification because they self identify w the music. it is merely a few lines regarding their beliefs that allowed them to construct “UNKNOWN ARTIST”.

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