whimsical entry of tape tantalization! i get that tapes are (or becoming) v popular now-a-days, as it provides a primitively cheap form of distributing music for those who seek it. but often times there are such limited quantities that it perplexes me why an artist would make it more difficult for someone to appreciate their work (cue idealism). not to mention why someone would buy a cassette that is unplayable in the first place (lol come on). luckily, the internet exists! and nothing escapes my paws! MURMUÜRE, a truly abstract and experimental black metal band whose first (and supposedly last) release was originally a self titled cassette that instantaneously sold out from the date is became available. the music is as deranged and demented as the cover – an aurally cryptic journey through glitched electronics and sampling. decorated w fuzzy, psychedelic ambience and arrhythmic noises that chime over hollow black metal vocals and absolutely superb drumming. MURMUÜRE delivers unto thee insolent mortals a psychedelically intoxicating experience that stems from the ever-growing tree of desire to weave the dark energies of black metal into various other genres. in this case, w unmatched success.

murmuüre – murmuüre (2010)
location: ?, france
psychedelic / noise / experimental
bit rate: 320kbps

01 primo vere
02 reincarnate
03 torch bearer
04 amethyst
05 l’adieu au soleil
06 disincarnate

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