do. not. skip. this. post. i know i’ve been slacking on the doom tip, so here is a present to all my pests and pals unbeknownst of the catastrophic terror that is MONUMENT OF URNS. each release in this discography only bears one title track, w the shortest being slightly over 16 minutes in length, and longest nearly a half hour – all bringing a diabolically distinct stench of furious funeral doom that MONUMENT OF URNS spills out from their hideously down-tuned instruments. the momentum built up between each destructively slow power chord to the next emits a sonic blast of droning sound that knocks you off balance, just long enough for the next massive swing of screeching noise to tear the scalp from yr head, and crawl directly into yr brain. the raw and shrilling vocals are distant but still audible underneath the grinding feedback, and contributes perfectly to the aggravated bludgeoning of guitar and drums. i wouldn’t expect to make it out alive. MONUMENT OF URNS patiently lures the listener in w seemingly benevolent intentions, gradually generating from a faint droning atmosphere, and then completely exploding into continuous waves of slamming sound.

die die die.

monument of urns – the ancient method (2005) + the destroyer of all (2006) + cruelty (2007) + absence (2008) + blaspheme (2010)
location: ?, usa
funeral doom / drone
bit rate: 192kbps > 320kbps

01 the ancient method


01 the destroyer of all


01 cruelty


01 abscence


01 blaspheme

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4 Responses to MONUMENT OF URNS

  1. Athelstan says:

    Awesome, first time listening to this band and it will not be my last! Also thank you for Hell can not stop listening to the band.

  2. empurror says:

    HELL is definitely one of my favorites right now as well, but i wish i could get my hands on the tracks from the “II” cassette he made. i have a split w the band ANCESTORTOOTH which you also might like, but it’s only one song.

    MOU is unreal, too. glad ya dig it man.

  3. empurror says:

    sry for the delayed response. . .sometimes comments elude me for a while. if you want, you can email me and i’d be more than happy to send you the split that way.

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