once upon a time, the five most dreamy dudes (no homo) ct had to offer decided to form a villainous super group, or so assumed, a “band”. not just any band, but one that would build on the anarchistic laws of punx, the vulnerability and desperation of screamo, the hostility of hardcore, and the catchiest vibes of pop: MOUSE FOLK. from here, the villainous organization channeled their immeasurable teen angst through an ancient instrument of digital defiance: the 4-track. the final product from their imperative message of world domination, projected emptiness, and feral disobedience was lo-fi, melodically dissonant screamo.

oh, and this was my band. holla!

mouse folk – okizeme (2009)

location: west haven, ct
punk / screamo / post-hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 our first song!
02 i gots a bad feeling…
03 friends until ragnarok
04 you gotta be careful, and you gotta be an anarchist
05 i’m a cyborg, but that’s ok
06 cult of kinsella
07 worldzend

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