when yr a sophomore in highschool and hear about the vocalist of PIG DESTROYER and PG.99 members having formed a sludge band together, you might’ve just discovered yr new favorite band – HISSING CHOIR. i found myself constantly scouring the internet and asking everyone at shows if they’ve heard about such a glorious band’s creation, and if there have been any music following, but to no avail. and it has been that way for over 8 years now. . .what the f is the word w this band? can ANYONE tell me? HISSING CHOIR played maybe two shows in their entirety, and then proceeded to quitely fall off the map. A FUCKING SHAME, THAT’S WHAT THAT IS. AND I AIN’T GONNA HAVE IT. if yr reading this now HISSING CHOIR, i know you got secret recordings in a folder on yr mac desktop, hand ’em over damn it. until they decide to give up the goods, here are three absolutely crushing tracks from their first live show that were recorded well enough to convince me that waiting shall not be in vain.

hissing choir – first show, live (2003)
location: ?, virginia
bit rate: 320kbps

01 untitled 1
02 untitled 2
03 untitled 3

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