despite my stance on screamo being a dead genre, the faint heartbeat of a kokiri warrior can still be heard through the chest of THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW – a one dude (i think), zelda themed screamo act. normally, i tend to stray from newish screamo quests because i alrdy know what to expect. however, THE SKY ABOVE took two of the things i hold closest to my heart and melded them together to form this chaotic, zelda inspired, hypernostlagia screamo, so i couldn’t escape the redead glare. i don’t know why this wasn’t thought of sooner, to be honest? i can’t imagine there’s one person my age who listens to the genre and growing up hadn’t played zelda. plus, link is eternally bound to communicating through telepathy it seems (he actually has never spoken words in a game before), so being that he can only dish out battlecries, he would be quite a legit screamo frontman. anywho, THE SKY ABOVE plays a style of screamo or hardcore v much like CAPSULE or MONARCS. in fact, if you told me this was CAPSULE i probably wouldn’t contest it. but being that this whole EP is about zelda (hyrulian hardcore anyone?), it automatically makes THE SKY ABOVE loads more boss. don’t get me wrong, i love being disproven and finding new, worthwhile screamo acts. that being said, THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW definitely deserves a listen, more so than the incessantly chirping fairy hovering over yr shoulder.

not enough zelda euphemisms, fuck.

the sky above and earth below – quest’s timescape (2010)
location: portland, oregon
hyrulian hardcore / screamo
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 02:30 hours at romani ranch
02 frozen empire
03 all my fellow carpenters are imprisoned
04 these masks will make you happy
05 woodwatcher (demo)

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