it is my destiny to live in a transylvanian castle complete w my own vampire bride, bell tower of terror, and secret passageways that all lead into the same organ chamber room. until this vision can be realized (and it will be damn it), living vicariously through the devilish splendor of, seemingly video game influenced, baroque act HARPSICORPSE; an alias of breakcore artist ABELCAIN, will have to suffice. the album “SUITE FOR HARPSICHORD” is an unholy electronic invocation of the harpsichord, my single favorite instrument this side of existence. it is not often the harpsichord is utilized w such finesse as this in modern day music, especially in a way that is reminiscent of 16-bit era video games like GHOULS ‘N GHOSTS or CASTLEVANIA. HARPSICORPSE, from the beginning, sets you off on a familiar adventure w demons lurking in every village, candelabras that spit fire from constantly shifting walls in the haunted manor, and headless housewives that serve as the only town apothecaries (at least they have some sweet cleav action). each track achieves its purpose in this reimagining of a dungeon crawling side-scroller, and will undoubtedly make you wanna break out yr SNES and replay what is left of yr old school video game collection.

nerd confirmed.

harpsicorpse – suite for harpsichord (2005)
location: ?, usa
baroque / electronic
bit rate: 320kbps

01 introduction
02 resurrectio
03 funeralia indeco
04 mortuus screnus serene
05 oriundus sephulchrum
06 harpsicorpse
07 impius phasma phasmatis
08 waltz of the wicked i
09 waltz of the wicked ii
10 nekromateria
11 crysequor cyequor
12 outro

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