ascended from psychic intuitive aptitude (or maybe just LSD hallucinations), MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL, the solo act of atemporal mage RACHEL EVANS (swoon), has created a literally mind-blowing brand of atomic ambience and celestial drone to call her own. getting lost in her vast, drug-induced psychedelic dimension of over 12 releases, replete w stellar vocal harmonies layered over twinkling spacial synth nocturnes, is especially effortless. women w this large of a mental aura are extremely dangerous, and are likely escaped from PROJECT MK-ULTRA, so make sure to establish some sort of telekinetic barrier before listening. MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL addresses the distinction between mental and physical phenomena by capturing the aural essence of flow from the conscious, to the subconscious, into the unconscious mind using electronics and minimal pulses that leave you suspended in introspection. MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL’s complete cosmic march is available through bandcamp – most of which are auspiciously on a “name yr price” download basis, so be sure to donate and snag them all while they are up!

“a bad time? there is no such thing as bad, or time for that matter. . .”

motion sickness of time travel – seeping through the veil of the unconscious (2010) + disembodied voices in the darkness (2011)
location: la grange, georgia
ambient / drone / psychedelic
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 clairvoyance
02 telepathy
03 mental projection
04 magnetism
05 auto suggestion
06 the alchemical dream


01 moons through a telescope
02 the same mystical reality
03 visions of bliss and peace
04 meditation as a scientific instrument
05 a drug-induced phenomenon

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  1. muzikis says:

    Hahaha dude, I was just listening to this! But a diff album. Was totally gunna post on my blog too. I guess great minds (somewhat) think alike?

  2. empurror says:

    we most definitely do 8}

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