somewhere integrated into the brittle fibers of our world and the metaphysical lie tones only transmutable by instruments of esoteric origin. WESTERING, a one-man project, wields this mystical knowledge and uses it to breach through a void of swirling, dark ambience and into a mixture of breathtaking, shoegazing black metal. “HELP A BODY” opens up w “WE BURIED HIM PRECIOUSLY”, a sanctuary of shoegaze that shimmers even in the foreboding presence of WESTERING’s black metal collusion. the contrast of beautiful and bestial continues throughout the extent of the album in transitory ambient passages like “ONLY FOREVER”, “TO LURCH AND FALL”, and “VESTIGES” – into the mesmerically bleak, black metal-tinged tracks like “AND OLD CONFUSION”, “GESTURES IN THE DARK”, and stand-out “WHITE HAIRED”. not dissimilar from a melding of COLD BODY RADIATION & CLAIR CASSIS, i believe fans of either act will appreciate the expansive coalescing of sounds in this rather obscure medium of tenebrific “blackgaze”.

westering – help a body (2010)
location: seattle, washington
ambient / black metal / shoegaze
bit rate: 320kbps

01 we buried him preciously
02 only forever
03 my naked hands
04 to lurch and fall
05 and old confusion
06 i soon will be myself again
07 gestures in the dark
08 vestiges
09 white haired

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