being that i am among the unusual spirits of indie today, i decided to pursue the theme, but go w something a bit more spacey. HERE WE GO MAGIC began as a bizarre, psychedelic solo-project from the imaginative mind of singer & songwriter LUKE TEMPLE. sprawled out across his bedroom floor, HERE WE GO MAGIC uses an analog synth and a cassette 4-track to cast this high level, dizzying magic pop music. later adding a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer to expand into a “real band” – HERE WE GO MAGIC then released a full-length entitled “PIGEONS” a year afterward. however, i feel like the band lost something, it’s original sparkle so-to-speak, by inditing new members into the private rituals of HERE WE GO MAGIC. alas, this self-titled debut covers a vast spectrum of dissimilar genres and manages to blend them all through this majestic lo-fi manifestation of hypnotically looping, “stream-of-consciousness” folk tuneage.

minimum intelligence stat of 31 required.

here we go magic – here we go magic (2009)
location: brooklyn, new york
psychedelic indie / folk / noise
bit rate: 320kbps

01 only pieces
02 fangela
03 ahab
04 tunnelvision
05 ghost list
06 i just want to see you under water
07 babyohbabyijustcantstanditanymore
08 nat’s alien
09 everything’s big

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