w the world basically signaling its inevitable collapse, it’s nice to be able to put aside the earthly worries of late. . .to peer inside our own fragile souls (or lack of), reminisce on lovelier memories, and to reflect on our most nostalgic moments. stepping out from this subconscious portal of moral bliss is THE ETERNAL TWILIGHT: a sub-continental internet music act by two friends – one of which is responsible for ABYSSED & NECKTARIUM, w help from instrumental post-metal band MY CATS A STARGAZER (and a few others). it never ceases to intrigue me when an artist(s) has established their sound in one extreme, and then delves into another that you wouldn’t naturally expect, but still find most pleasant. THE ETERNAL TWILIGHT dabs their brushes into a vibrant pond of watercolors and elegantly glides across the mind w light poise, painting a gentle ambience of piano and a tranquil, cinematic soundscape inside the heart. the soft vocals, the ethereal atmospheres, and warming voices of nature surround any hints of paranoia or unrest inside the body and eliminate it for the time being. a temporary garden of serenity that should be shared w everyone, no matter how many dastardly snakes are among the tallgrass.

the eternal twilight – everything resembles you (2011)
location: mumbai, india and rawalpindi, pakistan
ambient / post-rock / soundscape
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 we grow up everyday, every moment…
02 every morning the sun shines after you…
03 the child
04 when we were not what we are…
05 stars of our beloved
06 sky is no more a friend (ft. my cats a stargazer)
07 out of focus, out of sight & suddenly, out of reach (ft. christian erfurt)
08 dim lights and cold himalayan nights
09 nothing like a better yesterday…
10 outro
11 our lives played through a backward tape
12 out of focus, out of sight, & suddenly, out of reach (original version)

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