recently, it is hard to escape from the dense mist that the wraiths of black metal have been expelling from their mouths agape. garnering a peculiar fan base, it seems the popularity of bands such as DEAFHEAVEN or LITURGY are sculpting a trendy haircut on the head of the once inaccessibly grim and vindictive genre for the likes of HOT TOPIC to exploit at the expense of misplaced idealism. don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t necessarily mean the music is intolerable or bad. i suppose it’s just boils down to the image, right? fortunately, tiny fragments of obscurity still remain beneath the pale ruins of what was in SLEEPWALKER (yeah, sucks) – featuring a member from FELL VOICES, this supernatural side-project explores the distant nether realms to summon a lucidly upbeat litany of atmospheric black metal. both releases, which have 3 untitled tracks each, are drowning in layers of haunting synth, dim shades of post-rock, and far-off calls from specters lurking in the purgatory fog. i welcome the ghostly SLEEPWALKER from their home in nifelheim to the humble and woodsy mountains of NY, and transfer their other-wordly dread into my devoted legion in hopes it moves you all like possessed marionettes.

sleepwalker – demo (2009) + tour demo (2010)
location: santa cruz, california
atmospheric black metal / post-rock
bit rate: 160kbps

01 untitled
02 untitled
03 untitled


01 untitled
02 untitled
03 untitled

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2 Responses to SLEEPWALKER

  1. DΔΔR says:

    You have really nice music, thanks!

  2. empurror says:

    glad ya dig it pal!

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