the lutes of bards without coin swell in the vesper. the lake, far beyond the village many call home, is eternally restless beneath the glowing red moon. propelled by the atmospheric ecstasy, yr drawn to the boreal fields where you recall an enormous castle once stood. children are gathered here. . .around an open flame that seems to cast a shadow of the fallen stronghold in the winter gloom, and around the whispered lulls of a single minstrel: KEY, a side-project from one of the members of lo-fi, experimental black metal band CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS. these previously unreleased cassettes are part of a demo trilogy box set that is now up for preorder at the HANDMADE BIRDS STORE in 3×10″ vinyls, and are guaranteed to sell out. KEY incorporates a myriad of instruments in his arrangement of poppy and medieval neofolk: acoustic guitar, bass, drums, flutes, xylophone – maybe a couple more my ears decided to neglect, but the music is captivating in its deathly mystery all the same.

key – (demo trilogy) i – birch skeletons, ii – skin lanterns, iii – lake of stars (2010)
location: ?, finland
atmospheric pop / neofolk
bit rate: 320kbps

01 slaves of the monument
02 birch skeletons
03 they knew none
04 the quiet skulls
05 the breath withdrawn
06 through the crystal nights


01 skin lanterns
02 we are bound
03 the bottomless well
04 vast words
05 through the silver skin


01 the warmest kiss
02 the dying tower
03 reveal the grave
04 wax sigils
05 lake of stars
06 through these towns

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