the distinction between christian and satanic music can often times be v confusing, especially when the only thing signifying the difference is apparently the lyrics or symbolism, which can also be just as convoluted. despite this suspicious juxtaposition, the high seraphim OAKS OF BETHEL isn’t hiding behind an enigma of religion. w a little research their origins are revealed as an “unblack metal” (christian) band. however, nothing about the music sounds even relatively “christian” aside from the reoccurring ominous humming found in almost every release so far, save the most recent “I AM THE BRIDGE…”. only a week old, i still consider this nearly 31min long blessed distortion of black metal their most wretched yet. the production quality has increased exponentially, allowing you to fully absorb the anointed and disturbing aura of droning noise emitted from the heavenly OAKS OF BETHEL. “I AM THE BRIDGE…” is their 12th release since the band’s formation in 2009, and i presume there shall be countless more. the only one i’m missing in their angelic saga is “TWO RIVERS OF BLOOD FLOW FROM THE MOON“, so if you happen to come across it i’d be willing to trade any (or all!) of the others in return!

oaks of bethel – i am the bridge… (2011)
location: ?, illionois
“unblack” metal / drone / noise
bit rate: 320kbps

01 i am the bridge…

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5 Responses to OAKS OF BETHEL

  1. Thunb says:

    I can say that this band, nor Njiqahdda or Funeral Eclipse are xian bands. How do I know? I know them (the members) personally.

  2. empurror says:

    they were at one point a christian band, and are still unblack in the sense that the music is not “evil”

    unless they are lying in their interviews and to DRAWNSWORD, then i believe this is still an accurate depiction

  3. Thunb says:

    Hmm, I am not here to start a flame war but, they were never a xian band. Their pre-OoB project was going to be xian (it was Ashtaroth or something like that), but at that point both members were pretty far removed from religion and thus decided to abandon the whole shtick altogether, as opposed to following something they could no longer agree with. While they were at one time both xian, they are definitely not anymore. With that also being said, as far as I know, OoB have never done any interviews.

    I suppose they could be unblack in the regards that they are not evil, but does that make Alcest, Wolves In The Throne Room, Lantlos, etc. unblack? None of those bands make claim to evil or satanic messages.

  4. empurror says:

    i was referring to an interview of NJIQAHDDA i read somewhere, but going off a post from the blackened hymns forum, and i quote. . .

    “I was told at the start it was unblack, but i guess later on there Christian faith changed, however going by these interviews it seems it is still unblack in the sense that it is not negative or anti-Christ.” – DRAWNSWORD, allegedly responsible for their name being OAKS OF BETHEL and the graphic artist who made their logo (but i guess you should know this?)

    although i’d like to take yr word for it, as it is apparent there is much obscurity revolving around the band, i can’t help but assume there is an equal amount of misinformation in the same regard

    but what is reoccurring in this dilemma is the theme of OAKS OF BETHEL being christian and / or unblack metal at one point (as i said their “origins”), but appreciate yr insight

  5. empurror says:

    if you’d like to discuss this at further length, yr welcome to email me: dreamoamnesty@gmail.com

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