spring’s flowers are finally beginning to blossom all across the east coast, but winter’s chill is still being reflected off a crystalline iceberg of post-rock infused black metal: COLD BODY RADIATION, unimaginably a one-man act, and a purrsonal favorite of mine from last year. the debut album entitled “THE GREAT WHITE EMPTINESS” is a glacial rendering of frostbitten ballads w vocals that howl like white wolves atop the distant mountains, and scour through the murky bass-ridden snowscapes that COLD BODY RADIATION is built upon. up to yr neck in icy post-rock, realizing that true tranquility is nigh, yr left enduring sharp wisps of air that penetrate yr face w no pause – seldom interrupted by brief sun rays of ambience, giving you a glimmer of false hope. COLD BODY RADIATION slows yr heartbeat w serene post-rock guitar, echoing into distant caves and breaking the icicles that hang from the top into tiny shards of black metal infusion. consider this winter’s single gift this time around because there’s nothing cool about shoveling 5 feet of snow every other week. . .

cold body radiation – the great white emptiness (2010)
location: ?, netherlands
ambient / post-rock / black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 emission
02 loss
03 white light
04 silver
05 radiance
06 nothing
07 endless purity
08 the great white emptiness

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