i slacked off a little bit yesterday due to the weekend long celebration of my precious royal celtic blood, but i’m back to raise the body count (and my stone cup filled w mead to tuatha dé danann). NEXT VICTIM is a female-fronted brigade of bog-dwelling, crust executioners from the mires of poland whose dark style of hardcore would accommodate the library of any TRAINWRECK or ALPINIST fan quite maliciously. upon my first listen of “THE COLD GUST OF WIND” the mournful serenades sung by the female vocalists put me off, but i suppose they’ve grown on me – or at least are weighed out by the undulating, demolishing sludge influence. NEXT VICTIM’s the split w sister anarcho-crust band FROM THE DEPTHS is, for the most part, another bloody discharge of abominably slow hardcore that sends you into an exhilarating unbreakable madness – appropriate for the amount of frothy grog i will be consuming this weekend.

next victim – the cold gust of wind (2007) + split w from the depths (2011)
location: poznań, wielkopolskie, poland
sludge / crust / hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 podróż do wnętrza
02 kolejna ofiara
03 odetnij się od korzeni
04 gdy rodzi się smierć
05 requiem
06 w cieniu


01 zakrztus sie wladza
02 falszywa konkluzja
03 kredytowy cyrograf

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