sleep is often the most anticipated part of the FERAL EMPURROR’s day – a personal dimension of imaginative ecstasy and thought exploration, so i can see how some ppl wish they never woke up at all. low and behold, depressive black metal band STARLESS NIGHT can assist you in that regard. their whirling, hypnotic repetition over melancholic atmospheres nearly 8 to 12 minutes long form a cloud of dreariness and despair over the listener, invoking a contemplative state of sorrowful reverie. upon awakening from yr hazy despondence, the wretched caterwauls and mesmeric humming still echo through the hollow sanctuary in the back of yr mind. STARLESS NIGHT also have a split w tree-hugging black metal band DEAFEST that was supposed to be released sometime last year, but has mysteriously fallen off the defective radar. being the prince of the prowl that i am, i have it anyways (nyeh nyeh!). STARLESS NIGHT has haunted me many anight now since i first discovered them, and welcome them to continue lurking the ravishing plains of my dreams.

starless night – demo (2009) + the depression lingers (2010) + a sick mind’s regret split w unending hatred (2010)
location: deland and merrit island, florida
atmospheric / depressive black metal
bit rate: 128kbps > 256kbps *

01 drowning thoughts of your malignant suicide…
02 untitled
03 my bemoaning sign


01 the depression lingers
02 lucid dream
03 the depression lingers ii
04 the depression lingers ii (instrumental)


01 beyond my dreams lay forgotten memories….
02 starless night
03 in memory…(outro)

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4 Responses to STARLESS NIGHT

  1. smysl says:

    (Unending Hatred) part ?

  2. empurror says:

    sry, i don’t usually keep or upload the other sides of split for releases if i don’t like the other band. i may still have the tracks though, so if you like, you can email me and i’ll send them to you that way.

    also, i got permission to post the split w deafest now, so here it is:

  3. N.Morgue says:

    amazing, thank you for posting this

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