the iniquitous re-release of “PESSIMISTE(S)” is finally here! it was supposed to be here last autumn, but that doesn’t matter anymore! so long as the void of misanthropy is replenished within, and you can bet every last cursed gold coin that is has been. listening to this album w completely remastered quality, and even new material, has made me fall into an obscurity of woe all over again. oh how i’ve missed the feeling of melancholy. CELESTE experiments w screamo one last time in this album after MIHAI EDRISCH was sent to a watery grave, and every release succeeding the original 2006 “PESSIMISTE(S)” has been more attuned to black metal or sludge. so in its resurrection it is essentially pulling screamo to the surface as well, and then feverishly slaughtering it once again, perhaps even deservingly more-so now. it would be a shame if this was the first time someone has met CELESTE during their forsaken crusade, but perhaps a eudemonic blessing all the same. there is no bttr place to begin the spiraling path to irremissible loathing than “PESSIMISTE(S)”, especially since it is now in rareform. my only concern is their imperative arrival to the states so that i can meticulously plot the extinction of humanity alongside their tour dates.

celeste – pessimiste(s) (2011)
location: lyon, france
experimental black metal / sludge / screamo
bit rate: 320kbps

01 afin de tromper l’ennui
02 diluons nos souvenirs d’enfance
03 d’abysses en abysses
04 de notre aversion à notre perversion
05 car quoi qu’il advienne, tout est à chier

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