forests have been on our earth since before the thought of civilization, or perhaps even thought for that matter. regardless, if they had a tale to tell, after billions of years of observing our dastardly crimes against mother nature, i assume TREES has expressed their primordial grief precisely. wandering alone through “LIGHTS BANE” & “FREED OF THIS FLESH” without a flashlight is highly unrecommended, and certainly asking to be snatched up by every grueling nocturnal beast that lurks behind the windswept, nightmarish roars of our ancient natives. TREES oozes a thick sap of demented, poisonous funeral doom that enters yr pores, warps yr perception of reality, and exits every orifice in yr soon-to-be rotted corpse, slowly disappearing back into the roots from the elder willow whence it came. expect each release to offer nearly a half-hour of maniacally slow, cavernous requiems each. and for all the times you’ve tossed yr mcdonald’s happy meal bag out the window, once you are 6 feet under and swimming in soil, know the trunk of the gibbets was the last to have its grasp around yr puny throat.

trees – lights bane (2008) + freed of this flesh (2010)
location: portland, oregon
“blackened” doom / drone
bit rate: 320kbps

01 nothing
02 black


01 ashes
02 hollow

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