death was once befit of a shadowy cloak, but now a newcomer of soul reaping, civilization-toppling anarchy resumes its stylish wardrobe: SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS. fiercely opposing the altars, the pigs and the suburban fenced-in neighbors – SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS is a mechanical body set ablaze, perilously running through the open meadows of apathy, and latching itself onto oblivious tax-paying members of society. they do some have personal views i can’t subscribe to, for instance: veganism. i simply cannot fathom a life without opportune venturing through the wintry woods, crossbow in hand, scouting the area for my next hunter’s souffle. what i can agree w is their claim to be heralds of the antichrist, and after listening this demo, you may too. SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS commands the “blackened” realm of chaos and unrule, while offering a raw, dual fronted assailment of crust vocals and green biotechnical death metal upon literally everything. they alrdy have two more releases under their pleather belts this year: a split w PEREGRINE, and one on its way w PANOPTICON. the only thing that irks me about the direction this band is going is that the vocals seemingly have changed. they sound almost too “metalcore” for me in the splits, but maybe the enhanced production quality is to blame for that. the newer tacks still do immaculately on their own, found on their myspace (“LEVIATHAN” & “TOMORROW BLACK BIRDS FLY”), and SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS have definitely made their diabolical demands for earth liberation well heard.

blast dat shit, ho.

seeds in barren fields – demo (2009)
location: göteborg , västra götalands län, sweden
“blackened” crust / death metal
bit rate: 128kbps

01 in the hands of liars
02 reverence
03 i am the antichrist

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  1. lakon says:

    their record is out now – a split LP with Marnost. both bands have their entire sides on their bandcamp profiles

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