underwhelmed by ADMIRAL ANGRY‘s “A FIRE TO BURN DOWN THE WORLD”? sick of waiting for more by the demigods of rage, BLACK SHEEP WALL? yr unholy prayers have been answered, fiends. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP is a demonic, grimy sludge-hardcore act w a temperament running molten, and a tendency to burn everything in their path to cinder (and probably smoke it afterward, too). don’t expect this cult of stoners to be inducing any sort of sleep, however. NIGHTMARE MODE: i’ll give you 30 seconds of the first track “MONASTERIES” before you end up sending yr keyboard to the hardware underworld and yr studio apartment impending destruction courtesy of floorpunch practice shortly afterward. i assume a SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP show would be the equivalent of a gym full of arnold schwarzenegger & sylvester stallone clones combating in turkish oil wrestling, through a smog of THC, to see whose accent is least annunciated & most intolerable (i.e. it’s a battle to the death!). and if not, then i blame the band in not promoting a prerequisite of bloodlust from their fans. so make sure to equip yr limited edition BURZUM gym shorts & WINDS OF PLAGUE jersey to ward off any potential counter slamdancing because this one’s gonna be a doozy!

seven sisters of sleep – seven sisters of sleep (2011)
location: orange county, california
sludge / stoner metal / hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 monasteries
02 passed out standing
03 tide is rising
04 christmas morning
05 ccec
06 follow the serpent
07 swamp
08 beirut

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