yeesh, i’m at a loss for words, or perhaps they’ve just been imprisoned in the abysmal nexus. either way, now i know why some music drives ppl to suicide. LIFE IN THE DARK is a descension of the spiritual body & mind, dropping you off into a tenebrous rend of emptiness to bask in the disintegrating rays of the starless infinite. magnificently oppressive, LIFE IN THE DARK wields the rippling reflection of yr inner most sadness before you, uncomfortably arousing a smile on yr ugly mug. but enough euphemisms – what you’ll find on the two-track, over a half-hour long spectral dirge entitled “THE SUNYA IS RISING” is a euphorically bleak arrangement of denigrating ambience & possessing eminent doom. during the opening sequence of the first track, a piano chimes behind the depressive poetic rites of a ghastly woman’s voice, cautiously approaching what can be considered the beginning of the end of all lightness. the music is densensitizingly heavy. not heavy in the typical sense of “heavy metal”, but something so amassed, so occupying that its ubiquity absorbs even black holes and evaporates them into nothingness. a split between LIFE IN THE DARK and SLEEPING PEONIES is in the works, as well (information on SUNYATA RECORDINGS when available), so get pumped infidels! just give yrself a moment to collect yr thoughts before listening. afterward, throw it on, clear yr mind and close yr eyes. hopefully you never wake up. . .

life in the dark – the sunya is rising (2011)
location: ?, united kingdom
ambient / doom / drone
bit rate: 320kbps

01 the sunya is rising
02 sunshine feels alien

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One Response to LIFE IN THE DARK

  1. MRL says:

    you can now preorder a Life In The Dark 2xCD that features an expanded edition of “The Sunya Is Rising” & “Limbs In Gloom”

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