i’m having a hard time articulating what this guy could possibly be depressed about w a song title having the words “springtime” in it, but i’ll take it simply because of the titanically trendy waves of “transcendence” washing ashore. KEY TO NOWHERE is a one-man, gloomy, depressive rock outfit (+3 all stats, 100% chance to cause bleeding status effect) from poland. catchy, bitter pop punk melodies outline the majority of songs (save two acoustic tracks) from both releases like chalk on a weathered playground blacktop. but something has gone awry. . .what happened to the elephant nose slide? and the monkey bars? KEY TO NOWHERE has relinquished them from our enjoyment because he never had the chance to sway in the breeze on a backyard swingset. instead, he shrieks as his thoughts spin like a merry-go-round of perpetual, desolate existence. all jokes aside, i am v pleased w the afflictive contrast of black metal to pop punk manifested through KEY TO NOWHERE’s medium of teen angst, and recommend both “REFLEKSJE” & the demo to anyone in search of something new to get into.

but imagine never playing kickball. . .yikes.

key to nowhere – refleksje (2011) + demo (2010)
location: ?, poland
depressive rock / pop punk
bit rate: 192kbps > 320kbps

01 wstep
02 dzień uśpiony
03 puste ulice
04 miejsca zapomniane
05 radosc…
06 zakonczenie


01 dzień uśpiony
02 puste ulice
03 springtime melancholy

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