you got me, folks! it’s no hidden secret that i get my jollies (sour apple if you decide to mail me some) from dual layered vocals, especially those of the belligerently angsty variety. GRIEVANCE is a plague that traces back to the late 90’s – spreading their hyperbolic, disease-ridden circle pits throughout the gondola rivers in italy. the vocal range in these four releases are anywhere from reclusive gremlin to anguished, widowed banshee. toss in the occasional moans of an ogre in musth, and i’d say you got yrself quite the monster mash. the longest any song from these releases caps in at is 4:24, advocating that GRIEVANCE is a swift but brutal beatdown leaving you bloodied and sore in a puddle of yr own tears. don’t weep, you fannypack-wearing tough guy! i recommend taking it as an experience to grow, because owning every lp by HATRED SURGE and WEEKEND NACHOS isn’t contributing to any sort of boost in credibility. the split 7″ w SOAR, which was put out by STONEHENGE RECORDS, i believe is the strongest representation of their serrated assault and prowess. albeit the shortest in length, still the most damaging (think KATARS). like many obscure bands from the 90’s though, there is little information to be shared on ’em. needless to say, i was more than willing to enlighten my villains in training.

rust in pestilence.

grievance – split 7″ w soar (1999) + miranda lp (1999) + biba 7″ (1998) + melee marce 7″ (1997)
location: ?, rome
metallic crust / grindcore / emo violence
bit rate: 256kbps > 192kbps *

01 costretti
02 il segno, l’ira…


01 cromo
02 collaso
03 gli amori di giove
04 effetto hyd
05 vetro
06 miranda


01 ovunque tra la
02 le tentazioni di un santo parziale
03 fugace apparizione del bambino alchemico


01 un altro giorno
02 vi
03 nel vuoto

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