i’m not quite sure i understand the process someone went through in an attempt to describe band BEAU NAVIRE‘s screamo formula as “MY BLOODY VALENTINE hardcore”? pardon me, goofball? did you chug too much expired jones soda and now yr brain is free-floating in the carbonated decay? sigh. . .anyone who is seriously subscribing to that mumbo jumbo after seeing it on every damn blog that returns results for “BEAU NAVIRE BLOGSPOT MEDIAFIRE” needs to uninstall their browser. now, let’s cut to the skitty gritty – BEAU NAVIRE is current and ex members of LOMA PRIETA, IWROTEHAIKUS, and SPECTRES from the bay in californi-yay! there isn’t anything particularly outstanding about BEAU NAVIRE on the surface, but only being around for about a year, i gotta give them some legit cred because they provide what many yawn worthy nostalgiascreamo bands cannot recently. and that is real integrity, realer emotion, and most of all some of the realest dope cuts (in modern screamo at least). nothing plagarized and no charades. they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but after 10+ years of it, it has become tortuously repetitive & tiresome. i know i’m suave, okay?

oop ride bikes apreesh elitism.

beau navire – life moves (2011) + split 7″ w adobe homes (2011)

location: san francisco, california
bit rate: 320kbps > 192kbps

01 march of 03
02 technicolor, technicolor
03 whisper
04 thumbbreaker
05 crocosmia
06 ceilings revealing cities
07 fitting pieces


01 eyelids

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4 Responses to BEAU NAVIRE

  1. dylan says:

    yo, pretty certain it’s the dudes from beau navire that came up with “my bloody valentine hardcore” concerning their MBV influence and the muddied/fuzzy guitars.

  2. empurror says:

    taking a particular sound from one band and incorporating it into yr own and then labeling it “____ hardcore” isn’t any less of a gimmicky display of goofballing whether the term originated from the band or not.

  3. phuck yosef says:

    hey asshole whatever happened to the shit talking about all the new bands that are out huh? go fuck yourself you busted ass cock sucker.

  4. empurror says:

    well my simpleton, i removed it as it takes away from the legitimacy of BEAU NAVIRE. i believe they doesn’t deserve to be in the same context as all my apparently controversial opinions of OTHER bands which were in the review prior to it being edited because BEAU NAVIRE are actually doing something right, whereas many are doing it all wrong.

    even though i said the “MY BLOOD VALENTINE hardcore” claim is a gimmick, at least they’re experimenting and coming up w a sound unfamiliar to the genre.

    that still doesn’t mean my view has changed on any one of those bands, or the genre in general. so if any of those aforementioned bands lack the plans to actually progress into something aside from nostalgic, plagiarized worshippers, i’ll talk as much shit as i like.

    also, if yr hurt (you seem to be bleeding all over yr keyboard) about me talking down on you and yr BifFleZ Nu Fav sKRaMZ BanD, don’t read my blog. simple as that.

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