if i didn’t know any better, i would think this release entitled “KURDAITCHA” by MAMALEEK wasn’t the result of two enigmatic brothers from san francisco, but that of a shaman tribe leader who forcefully raped a gypsy broodmother, subsequently giving birth to a magic being whose first utterings of glossolalia were this album in its entirety. literally an entrancing, autophysiopsychic, fuzzy electronic channeling of middle eastern influenced, black metal experimentation badassery. the 12″ lp is available now in limited quantities at ENEMIES LIST HOME RECORDINGS (as well as a pay-what-you-like download), home to one of my favorite bands in the nightosphere: HAVE A NICE LIFE (shout out, now gimme a new release!). i wasn’t rly looking forward to, or expecting “KURDAITCHA” to be as fucking spectacular as it is, but maybe that’s why i’m drawn to it so much (or maybe it’s a result of their voodoo). i just can’t get enough of those haunting sleigh bells.

don’t be surprised if you find yrself hung up from a ceiling of a hut in egypt after listening, though.

mamaleek – kurdaitcha (2011)
location: san francisco, california
experimental black metal / industrial / drone
bit rate: 192kbps

01 the hypocrite & the concubine
02 wake up, jacob
03 my body rock long fever
04 sinner won’t die no more
05 you can bury me in the east
06 what a trying time
07 the white marble stone
08 some valliant soldier

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