joined w me tonight under the flickering candlelight that illuminates my blanket fortress (the drawbridge heavily guarded by ravenous kittens) is the wonderment of being in love w the idea of being in love. a trembling, delicate thought. one that can bring some ppl comfort, and others heartbreak. nonetheless, a thought well personified by elect-romantic vessel of cybergrind, (deep breath) I AM A LAKE OF BURNING ORCHIDS. amidst the overwhelmingly affectionate barrage of computer simulated (dating) synth, the desperate charms of a lonely gentlemen are evident in not only the song titles, but in his lamenting yells for attn as well. still, i’m completely infatuated w this qt3.14 and continue to wish (11:11) that one day he unveils another bouquet of harmonious, rose-petalled noise.

*blows kisses*

i am a lake of burning orchids – summer in my veins (2011)
location: ?, united kingdom
“dreamo” – cybergrind / noise
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 summer in my veins
02 i hereby promise…
03 all you did was love me; all i did was hurt you
04 my first kiss was in the rain, it’s gone downhill since then
05 i am owed you
06 no-one will ever love you as much as i do
07 a house of golden light

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