like the square root of 0, my attempts in finding any material by supposed black metal / dreampop group SEAHORSE CHRYSANTHEMII were drawing a blank. 2 plays in the last 6 months, and hardly any listeners. but my interests were peaked, and forgot not that i am indeed the FERAL EMPURROR (rolls out immaterial carpet), so i put my chthonic detective work to good use. i discovered they have at least two releases – “DREAMS OF TEA, WINE AND GYPSYMOTH 10″ LP” & “IVORY SMILES ON SUMMER’S EVE CD”. however, neither are in my immediate reach (still procuring), but i did managed to snatch the one song that was scrobbled. to my dismay, it wasn’t exactly what i was expecting. . .but this is only a single piece to the cryptic puzzle i plan on completing in the near future, so feel free to keep yr line cast out for more SEAHORSE CHRYSANTHEMII when it reveals itself from the murky depths.

seahorse chrysanthemii – a fading cry from ocean depths (2009)
location: portland, oregon
atmospheric doom (?)
bit rate: 192kbps

01 a fading cry from ocean depths

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  1. H. Moulder says:

    How exactly did you find this track? I know that I attempted to track a copy down awhile with little luck through various discussions on The only information I was able to ascertain was via the Star Light Temple Society site in which posted a section about “upcoming releases”. Beyond this little piece to the puzzle, I’ve heard nothing pertaining to information on the band. I hope you have far better luck than I did. Keep us updated!

  2. empurror says:

    howdy pal, unfortunately after posting up this review i was told that the members of this band have been out of reach or contact for some time now. star light temple society planned on releasing both LP and CDR at one point, but are waiting on (and have been) for communication w the actual band. i’m as interested in hearing this shit as anyone who has discovered their or what-have-you, so i promise soon as i hear something my viewers will be the first to know.

  3. rh says:

    The track you link to seems to be re-purposed material from the Schrei aus Stein album “Tsisnaasjini” –

    Oddly enough I only found this because someone contacted me saying how much they liked “A Fading Cry…” and I googled it to find out what he was talking about. Weird. -RH

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