no, this has nothing to do w he-man. SKELETOR is a satirical, unrelenting black metal band spawn from the minds of SUIS LA LUNE members, v reminiscent of TEEN CTHULHU. thunderous drums imitate the sound of clamoring steel hooves from a warhorse, stamping into the ground as if it were clay, charging straight for yr pitiful excuse of a soul. all the while infernal organs blaze in the background, and guitars crafted from the bones of belial summon the darkness from within. SKELETOR calls upon the listener in a test of faith, and of mislead wisdom in the satanic arts. BUT UPSIDE-DOWN CROSSES ARE SO LEGIT! wrong imbecile, upside-down crosses are for xtians in denial. inverted crosses, however, signify you’ve listened to a full SUICIDE SILENCE album, in which you get props from all members of yr tatted brocrew (it’s all that matters anyways!). i hope this self-titled ep isn’t a one time deal, else i shall be forced to unleash fury all across the internet for an indiscernible amount of time, or at least until i get hungry for the venison medallions that’ve been in my freezer for a couple of days now.


skeletor – skeletor ep (2009)
location: stockholm and gothenburg, sweden
black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 2,000 years of oppression
02 buried at bith
03 through the valley of hinnom
04 the sigil of beleth

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