yr first offense was not hearing this band sooner -AMNESTY: DENIED. sci-fi grind truly is an algebraically phenomenal genre, and A SCANNER DARKLY rules the event horizon like stephen hawking turned darth vader, w agent J and agent K under the control of nanobots to assist them in interplanetary domination. the self-titled datalog starts off w questioning the threes laws of robotics we all witnessed will smith conquer on the silver screen (and if you didn’t then XENU smite you), appropriates into a RAMstorm of technical grinding hardcore that leaves you w gigafrostbyte, and ends w summarizing our existence via the universal information and holonomic brain theory. it’s safe to say there are a slew of cinematic clips to help paint the band’s robot overrun picture of antiquity, along w pressuring drone synth to paralyze you into submission just long enough for ROBO to join yr party (sry, but GLENN can croak off). at the end of the. . .er. . .human saga, A SCANNER DARKLY was a virus that even norton could not fix.

more will smith you said?

a scanny darkly – a scanner darkly (2005)
location: milwaukee, wisconsin
sci-fi grind / hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 do androids dream of electric sheep
02 valis
03 pay for the printer
04 flow my tears, the policeman said
05 man in the high castle
06 four years, false memories

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