WINDMILLS BY THE OCEAN‘s sophomore album entitled “II”, when it boils down to it, is relatively self-explanatory. by that i mean the sound can be described from the band name alone. a warm breeze of ambience, followed by a cool wisp of whirling shoegaze while you dig yr feet in the sand, ray ban sunglasses equipped. beside you, all yr friends are gently strumming away on their acoustic guitars, lulling you into lucid sleep, as the moonlight caresses yr cheek and the crashing of waves to yr ear~ five years usually would be far too long for any sane person to wait between releases, but not me! heh, heh. i knew the day would come, hah hah hah! i told you all, but you didn’t believe me! okay, but rly. . .i knew i wasn’t wrong in keeping a third-eye out for WBTO, featuring members of sludge & post-rock heavy hitters ISIS & RED SPAROWES. their first album, which was self-titled, came out in friggin’ 2006, and was jeered toward instrumental post-metal / drone. for whatever peculiar reason, a 10min long song entitled “BLOOD ON OUR SOULS” from the debut self-titled played during the season finale of CSI: MIAMI (huh? ? ?).

but w BALAM ACAB being on a l’oreal mascara commercial & CULTS during an episode of weeds, i guess anything goes now-a-days.

take before sleep, z Z z.

windmills by the ocean – ii (2011)
location: boston, massachusetts
ambient / shoegaze
bit rate: 320kbps

01 pagan sun
02 azure
03 the circul
04 star
05 occul

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