if there was one quintessential depiction of what “dreamo” sounds like, SLEEPING PEONIES nailed it like a reverse spinning piledriver. although my idea of “dreamo” was imagined quite some time before this band’s first release, it seems our astral consciousness linked at one point because all other literation of SLEEPING PEONIES fall short, and simply do not fly; a narrow, polychromatic lit tunnel built of walls of anxiety-inducing resonance, a floor of cushioning solace, and a ceiling perspiring cold drops of decadent honey. alas, there is no exit from this tunnel (all the honey you could ever want :3). after much deserved escapism, yr left pondering a more meaningful existence, one strung up by fine lace and dripping w royal jelly. i can’t help but notice the similarities between “GHOSTS, AND OTHER THINGS” song titles in comparison to VELVET CACOON or CLAIR CASSIS. the whole organic & overly accented lavishes ordeal, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing i suppose. imagination is quite the opposite, and i implore all you cognitively cornered simpletons to explore yr own as SLEEPING PEONIES adorably has in this release – which is available for purchase on the grand label KHRYSANTHONEY of recent birth.

sleeping peonies – ghosts, and other things (2011)
location: norfolk, england
“dreamo” – experimental shoegaze / black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 anomie
02 pashmina veils
03 lisps and candyfloss wisps
04 wicklewood haze
05 ebbs and floes
06 autumnbloom and lavender
07 black lanterns
08 in rain we disappear

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