VIRGIN WITCH – two words in purrfect succession that any grown man should unzip their bonerar.exe to, because who wouldn’t want to pounce & bounce one of those? well, ex PULLING TEETH and SKIN LIKE IRON members have assembled the mythos for us to do so. careful though, this lady of the night has vagina dentata, so keep yr wand sheathed harry potter. the first track, NAIL OF DICARA, is a slow-churned brewing of swampish doom abhorrence. the second track, SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT, is a muy rapido, wailing crust & thrash concierto. fast forward two years, and still no indication as to whether or not these warlocks plan on conjuring up some new material. maybe i should axe them myself. . .

VIRGIN WITCH, where is my blue potion?

virgin witch – virgin witch ep (2009)
doom / thrash / crust
bit rate: 320kbps

01 nail of dicara
02 sight beyond sight

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