one does not simply walk through the oaken halls of sorrow. you must first acquire the map drawn out for you by one-man, atmospheric folk metal act, GALLOWBRAID. his debut ep “ASHEN EIDOLON” takes you on journey of impending hardships through forlorn valleys, across noxious fields of miasma, and scaling up frost-laden mountains until you reach the rainbow bridge in the clouds. here you are met w autumn’s soothing chill, and the a capella chants of vikings & shieldmaidens swordstruck, as mead overflows from each of their golden chalices. after all merriment is to be had, and the ale emptied into their bellies, a wave of melancholy finds you most unnerving. . .yr quest appears to be short-lived. leaning over the porcelain gates in the sky, the sun never to warm the skin again, you watch as another foolish warrior ventures the same treacherous path. . .to be met w certain fate.

should’ve worn a thicker bear cloak, breh.

gallowbraid – ashen eidolon ep (2010)
location: salt lake city, utah
atmospheric folk metal / black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 ashen eidolon
02 autumn i
03 oaken halls of sorrow
04 autumn ii

the glorious GALLOWBRAID was also featured on a various artists compilation entitled “DER WANDERER ÜBER DEM NEBELMEER” or “THE WANDERER ABOVE THE SEA OF FOG”, recording yet another wonderful black metal LARP ballad. begin yr three heart run here: EARTHEN THRONE.

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