hold the phone, bozo. what is this i hear about ABIGAIL WILLIAMS being a black metal band? Q: how much black leather and spikes must you adorn before you’ve taken kvlt into the mainstream, or too srsly? A: kill yrself, it will help yr cause much more. i mean, how do you even walk around in those hooker boots? but this isn’t about bashing their pitiful, delusional attempts to be something their not. this is actually about one of the dopest screamo bands, KYDS VS COLUMBUS (rip), and their gifted vocalist connor woods. before ABIGAIL WILLIAMS dove headfirst into the abyss of foolish hot topic jackassery from which they cannot return, a demo was released w a different vocalist. this was the vocalist of KYDS VS COLUMBUS, connor woods, GOD DAMN IT. though, i am not surprised if you never heard this demo. the band has hidden it from you, like they hide any semblance of the idea that they ruled or had promise once as a brooding death metal band. fret not, my comrades, i present to you the truth.

abigail williams – demo (2005)
location: phoenix, arizona
melodic death metal
bit rate: 192kbps

01 forced ingestion of binding chemicals
02 melquiades
03 evolution of the elohim
04 swollen disgust

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  1. joe says:

    speaking of kyds vs c…..

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