skramorning skramigos. sometimes it is necessary to revisit the past. to reflect on what makes the present suck so much, and the future to look so bleak. . .because you won’t be hearing something so brilliant out of this genre anytime soon thereafter. COFFIN DANCER was a triple S rank screamo band turned painfully sludgecore from the pistol-shaped state of FL. and after their newly explored genre shoved this massive pistol against their newly bearded faces, the trigger was pulled – successfully assisting them in committing band suicide. although they’ve continued to tease that “WE ARE STILL ALIVE!” on their equally as pale myspace, the bpm for their “PAX ROMANA” post-monotonous debut convinces me otherwise. i quote a misguided, miserable excuse of a human’s comment on yr “FassiveMail wrote: Not sure why it’s being lumped in with all this screamo bullshit“. for shame. COFFIN DANCER. hiding the gem of yr origins beneath a mound of misleading, sluggish bullshit. good luck finding this demo anywhere else on the internet, btw. all that aside, i shall continue to drink from the ever-gushing fountain that is this demo in order to quench my thirst for dynamic, devastating screamo. many newbies have tried, but 99.9% fall victim to the “nostalgiascreamo” tag. pst, it’s not a good thing.

coffin dancer – demo (2006)
location: miami, florida
bit rate: 192kbps

01 track 1
02 track 2
03 track 3
04 track 4
05 track 5
06 track 6

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  1. Bri Chep says:

    the .01 % = Eternal Euth & Mouse Folk

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