don’t get it twisted fellas, wipe the pretentiousness off yr boatshoes at the door, as you are but minions in my violent(ly irresistible) kitten horde. that being said, BOY FRIEND is an eerie lo-fi, almost spiritual sounding, dreampop duo born from 2/3rds the faerie dust of similar TX act, SLEEP ∞ OVER. there must’ve been some inner quarreling about who was the cuter pseudo-witch, or something. don’t worry ladies, i find you all to be quite enchanting, as well as the soft echoes from 60’s bubblegum pop a la THE SHANGRI-LAS in this debut EP. unfortunately, and often mistaken for WITCH HOUSE by internet numbskulls, BOY FRIEND and SLEEP ∞ OVER are nothing of the laughable sort.

*insert cheesy line about wanting to be yr boy friend here*

boy friend – boy friend ep (2011)
location: austin, texas
bit rate: 320kbps

01 d’arrest
02 lazy hunter
03 spirit burner
04 the false cross

SLEEP ∞ OVER actually released a new track exclusively from an all girl’s boarding school hazing ritual, off their upcoming full length on HIPPOS IN TANKS. feel free to peep it: CASUAL DIAMOND.

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