best band name, best song titles, best text-based rpg final boss darkcrust 2k11 award goes to LICH; featuring the vox from BATTLE OF WOLF 359 & members of MEANDGOLIATH, an undead legion of the apocalypse surfaces from beyond their arcane tomb (it sure sounds like it was recorded from one anyways). for real though, the raw recording adds to the aesthetic that this band is playing from somewhere inaccessible to the living. . .an underground dungeon full of traps, familiars, minotaurs, and skeleton warriors. only after slaying the gigantic beast which protected the precious treasure room, do you gasp in relief as a chest lies in yr wait w but a single cassette in its’ offering. . .only to be suffocated by the audible onslaught that is LICH.

damn, i made myself wanna play OCARINA OF TIME.

lich – demo cassette (2011)
location: kent, london and south east, united kingdom
neocrust /hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 phylactery
02 dreadguard
03 acolytes of darkness
04 vault of the hidden
05 plaguelost

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