i woke up one morning to a vimeo preview of the track “DEFLAGATIO” in my email, and after promptly listening to what could easily be mistaken for the agonized murmurs from the fallen angel himself. . .my body began to emit a black, misting aura, and then spontaneously combusted aflame. then i woke up for realsies, as it would seem the band appropriately named HELL had infiltrated my dreams to show me the path of bottomless bass doom & sludge bastardization – just when i was about to lure natalie portman (<3 ❤ <3) into my woodsy grove. HELL’s “I” is pure depreciation & disregard for humanity. w every forsaken chord, every grueling howl & piercing shrill, you can feel yr body sinking deeper into the earth, until finally you awake face to androgynous face w the TRVE OVERLORD OV SIN.

i hope you find this most unpleasant, ingrates.

hell – i (2010)
location: salem, oregon
doom / sludge /drone
bit rate: 320kbps

01 brutus
02 tyranno
03 infernus
04 deflagatio
05 lethe
06 maeror

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2 Responses to HELL

  1. romilar says:

    just found them out thanks to the split with Thou and they are really a “disregard for humanity”

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