ah, what a breath of fresh air this band has given me. not only that, but hope for a genre i conveniently pronounced dead back in 2006 (RIP). anywho, someone must have phoenix downed that shit because i keep eating my words. . .albeit they still taste wonderfully of tangerine-glazed salmon. after digging through my vast garden of internet majesty & strawberries, i wept away the dirt to reveal BOOK OF CAVERNS – a couple fellas playing a delightfully refreshing take on emo & post-hardcore, w both feet just barely submerged by gentle waves of post-rock. the vocals are unique in that they are mostly sung, but are harsh enough to exude the necessary sense of emotion. at first i was skeptical this was going to turn out to be one of those awful, trendy, twinkle rock bands (COMPLETE. TWINKLE. SATURATION.). luckily, despite prior notion, it seems not everyone who owns a pair of cut off shorts is a subscriber to that garbage. their split 7″ w DAMAGES featuring the song “SUBSUBURBAN” is out now. you may listen to or sneakily dl it (learn 2 internet) from the record label’s website here. don’t miss out!

it was about time tuxedo mask got some punk notoriety, eh?

book of caverns – demo cassette (2011)
location: edmonton, alberta, canada
emo / post-hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 born of salt
02 leviathan
03 tuxedo mask
04 shorelines
05 ocean rites

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