greetings mortals, and thank you for yr alliance w the DREAMO AMNESTY. you are probably asking yrself, “who is that handsome alpha male?”. it is none other than i – the critical judge, the cynical jury, the FERAL EMPURROR. some of you may have alrdy been blessed w my looming omnipresence in yr lives, whether it be on the internet, or otherwise. the unfortunate few who have not, well, i am here to enlighten you to a few things about myself:

name: wesley
age: 21
location: catskill, ny (formerly of west haven, ct)
occupation: hex addict, feral empurror, dreamo curator, slsk celebrity
distractions: v games (fighting, rpgs), the internet, kittens, gluttonous amounts of food

so it has come to my attention the considerable lack of effort and / or just plain boring methods of review many blogspots or, even dare i say, tumblrs (yuck) have presented yr delicate eyes. this shall occur no longer.

i present to you on this splendid day of dreamo realization, a trifecta of musical splendor. it is my plan to tidy up the blog up a bit later on w alluring backgrounds and headliners, what-have-you, but that can wait. until then, enjoy!

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