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somewhere integrated into the brittle fibers of our world and the metaphysical lie tones only transmutable by instruments of esoteric origin. WESTERING, a one-man project, wields this mystical knowledge and uses it to breach through a void of swirling, dark … Continue reading

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being that i am among the unusual spirits of indie today, i decided to pursue the theme, but go w something a bit more spacey. HERE WE GO MAGIC began as a bizarre, psychedelic solo-project from the imaginative mind of … Continue reading

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recently, it is hard to escape from the dense mist that the wraiths of black metal have been expelling from their mouths agape. garnering a peculiar fan base, it seems the popularity of bands such as DEAFHEAVEN or LITURGY are … Continue reading

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w the world basically signaling its inevitable collapse, it’s nice to be able to put aside the earthly worries of late. . .to peer inside our own fragile souls (or lack of), reminisce on lovelier memories, and to reflect on … Continue reading

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the lutes of bards without coin swell in the vesper. the lake, far beyond the village many call home, is eternally restless beneath the glowing red moon. propelled by the atmospheric ecstasy, yr drawn to the boreal fields where you … Continue reading

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the distinction between christian and satanic music can often times be v confusing, especially when the only thing signifying the difference is apparently the lyrics or symbolism, which can also be just as convoluted. despite this suspicious juxtaposition, the high … Continue reading

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spring’s flowers are finally beginning to blossom all across the east coast, but winter’s chill is still being reflected off a crystalline iceberg of post-rock infused black metal: COLD BODY RADIATION, unimaginably a one-man act, and a purrsonal favorite of … Continue reading

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