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too kvlt to scrobble, UNKNOWN ARTIST is black metal in its intended form – pure, cold, and grim. under an icy veil of complete anonymity, the only information revealed by the band is this visionary statement taken from a flyer that was created by their portugese label, LATRINA DO CHIFRUDO, promoting the “UNTITLED” release: “we simply don’t care about protegonism, self reference, identities other shit like that. black metal is a tool for something greater, it is a mere process and not a way for self gratification.” despite the apparent lack of details concerning their origin, a lot can be said about UNKNOWN ARTIST, who casts a frigid amaranthine fog of fuzz and tremelo repetition, enveloping oneself in an old school, infectious black metal haze. elements of punk and death metal coat the impregnably frozen UNKNOWN ARTIST, and the vocals are raspy and sharp enough to carve out yr very own northern log cabin (selfless house wife sold separately). w the highly anticipated premiere of GAME OF THRONES but two nights ago, and simultaneously listening to the winterfallen UNKNOWN ARTIST, no quote seems more fitting. . .

“winter is coming”.

unknown artist – untitled (2010)
location: ?
black metal
bit rate: 320kbps

01 untitled i
02 untitled ii
03 untitled iii
04 untitled iv
05 untitled v
06 untitled vi

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do. not. skip. this. post. i know i’ve been slacking on the doom tip, so here is a present to all my pests and pals unbeknownst of the catastrophic terror that is MONUMENT OF URNS. each release in this discography only bears one title track, w the shortest being slightly over 16 minutes in length, and longest nearly a half hour – all bringing a diabolically distinct stench of furious funeral doom that MONUMENT OF URNS spills out from their hideously down-tuned instruments. the momentum built up between each destructively slow power chord to the next emits a sonic blast of droning sound that knocks you off balance, just long enough for the next massive swing of screeching noise to tear the scalp from yr head, and crawl directly into yr brain. the raw and shrilling vocals are distant but still audible underneath the grinding feedback, and contributes perfectly to the aggravated bludgeoning of guitar and drums. i wouldn’t expect to make it out alive. MONUMENT OF URNS patiently lures the listener in w seemingly benevolent intentions, gradually generating from a faint droning atmosphere, and then completely exploding into continuous waves of slamming sound.

die die die.

monument of urns – the ancient method (2005) + the destroyer of all (2006) + cruelty (2007) + absence (2008) + blaspheme (2010)
location: ?, usa
funeral doom / drone
bit rate: 192kbps > 320kbps

01 the ancient method


01 the destroyer of all


01 cruelty


01 abscence


01 blaspheme

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whimsical entry of tape tantalization! i get that tapes are (or becoming) v popular now-a-days, as it provides a primitively cheap form of distributing music for those who seek it. but often times there are such limited quantities that it perplexes me why an artist would make it more difficult for someone to appreciate their work (cue idealism). not to mention why someone would buy a cassette that is unplayable in the first place (lol come on). luckily, the internet exists! and nothing escapes my paws! MURMUÜRE, a truly abstract and experimental black metal band whose first (and supposedly last) release was originally a self titled cassette that instantaneously sold out from the date is became available. the music is as deranged and demented as the cover – an aurally cryptic journey through glitched electronics and sampling. decorated w fuzzy, psychedelic ambience and arrhythmic noises that chime over hollow black metal vocals and absolutely superb drumming. MURMUÜRE delivers unto thee insolent mortals a psychedelically intoxicating experience that stems from the ever-growing tree of desire to weave the dark energies of black metal into various other genres. in this case, w unmatched success.

murmuüre – murmuüre (2010)
location: ?, france
psychedelic / noise / experimental
bit rate: 320kbps

01 primo vere
02 reincarnate
03 torch bearer
04 amethyst
05 l’adieu au soleil
06 disincarnate

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once upon a time, the five most dreamy dudes (no homo) ct had to offer decided to form a villainous super group, or so assumed, a “band”. not just any band, but one that would build on the anarchistic laws of punx, the vulnerability and desperation of screamo, the hostility of hardcore, and the catchiest vibes of pop: MOUSE FOLK. from here, the villainous organization channeled their immeasurable teen angst through an ancient instrument of digital defiance: the 4-track. the final product from their imperative message of world domination, projected emptiness, and feral disobedience was lo-fi, melodically dissonant screamo.

oh, and this was my band. holla!

mouse folk – okizeme (2009)

location: west haven, ct
punk / screamo / post-hardcore
bit rate: 320kbps

01 our first song!
02 i gots a bad feeling…
03 friends until ragnarok
04 you gotta be careful, and you gotta be an anarchist
05 i’m a cyborg, but that’s ok
06 cult of kinsella
07 worldzend

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when yr a sophomore in highschool and hear about the vocalist of PIG DESTROYER and PG.99 members having formed a sludge band together, you might’ve just discovered yr new favorite band – HISSING CHOIR. i found myself constantly scouring the internet and asking everyone at shows if they’ve heard about such a glorious band’s creation, and if there have been any music following, but to no avail. and it has been that way for over 8 years now. . .what the f is the word w this band? can ANYONE tell me? HISSING CHOIR played maybe two shows in their entirety, and then proceeded to quitely fall off the map. A FUCKING SHAME, THAT’S WHAT THAT IS. AND I AIN’T GONNA HAVE IT. if yr reading this now HISSING CHOIR, i know you got secret recordings in a folder on yr mac desktop, hand ’em over damn it. until they decide to give up the goods, here are three absolutely crushing tracks from their first live show that were recorded well enough to convince me that waiting shall not be in vain.

hissing choir – first show, live (2003)
location: ?, virginia
bit rate: 320kbps

01 untitled 1
02 untitled 2
03 untitled 3

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so, maybe i lied about not being into too much soundscape, ambient type music. there is one more artist i’ve had the pleasure of being serenaded by over the past couple years w beautiful orchestrated cello and tranquil post-rock ambience – WE ALL INHERIT THE MOON. this release in particular is especially convenient because it is a chronological discography of all the WAITM releases thus far. released in japan as “13 SONG JAPAN IMPORT”, it is now available as a “name yr price” download via bandcamp. “PART I” through “PART V” lightly prance around post-rock territory w sounds so fragile and soothing it often carries the listener through the air and into a bed of clouds. soft, cinematic electronics trickle throughout and are accompanied by xylophone and piano to decorate the essence of purity. “OUR HEART, FOREVER LIKE THE SUN” picks up where the “PART” series left off, and further delves into post-rock by engaging into a dense “wall of sound” in the first track, and from then on go back and forth between playful ambience and post-rock textures. when “AND EVER. PART III” begins, WE ALL INHERIT THE MOON starts to incorporate cello and field recordings, which imho are the best tracks out of the whole release, and create a truly astonishing and delicate experience you will soon not forget.

we all inherit the moon – 13 song japan import (2010)
location: ?, california
post-rock / ambient / instrumental
bit rate: 320kbps / flac

01 part i
02 part ii
03 part iii
04 part iv
05 part v
06 our heart, forever like the sun. part i
07 our heart, forever like the sun. part ii
08 …and ever. part i
09 …and ever. part ii
10 …and ever. part iii
11 when we finally fall asleep. part i
12 when we finally fall asleep. part ii
13 when we finally fall asleep. part iii

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